My name is Anusha Bansal and I am a student in Livingston, NJ. For the past 7 years, I have been an active community volunteer focusing on assisting underserved communities across NJ and other states. I have conducted food drives to fight hunger and raised money for low-income families.  In 2018, I founded nonprofit organization, Blissful Us (www.blissfulus.org) with a mission to fight hunger and to promote STEM education and computer coding skills to children from underserved communities. 

Our STEM initiative, Code League (Blissful Coding Club, www.blissfulcodingclub.org) teaches coding skills to kids from grades 4-12. We have taught coding skills to over 250 kids in NJ and other states during our past few sessions. We have partnered with Newark Public Library in the City of Newark and launched successful summer coding classes at Newark Public Library during our Summer 2020 session. This program is free of charge to all kids to make sure we can share this opportunity to any student that wishes to learn. We are constantly growing our curriculums, and doubled the number of programs we offer for our Fall 2020 session. Our Python classes are developed using Carnegie Mellon University's CS Academy, where our Scratch classes use MIT's Scratch program. Undergraduate and graduate volunteer students of top universities in America, such as Carnegie Mellon, NJIT, and Rutgers, teach for the Code League. 

Classes are carefully designed to accommodate as many students as possible while making sure each class has a sufficient number of instructors. We are still happy to accept more students, so visit our "Register" tab for more information about scheduling and logistics. That tab will also provide information for individuals who would like to volunteer as an instructor.

Blissful Us also has an initiative focused on literacy and language arts. Through an online magazine that publishes children’s articles and voice, our mission is to improve writing and arts awareness in kids. This magazine is published monthly and can be found at www.theblissfulpursuit.org.

Thank you for all of your support!



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